Nobility Archive
Since 1970 we have been maintaining the world’s largest nobility archive including film, audio, photo and text documentaries and recordings.

This material on more than 2000 different families, events and relations is truly unique.

Most of the footage and material are our own productions; a small selection was donations and bequests – confirming the value of our years of work. At the same time we see this as a commission to continue in our endeavours to safeguard for future generations the professional documentation of these aristocratic families - only some of whom actually wore the crown but all of whom contributed to the cultural identities of their states.

Our picture and film material thus show a more private and up-close view than conventional material. Text documentaries (documents, specialised literature, personal recordings, articles and family chronicles) are a valuable supplement to the topics and offer the greatest possible transparency in understanding correlations.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, we reserve the right to selectively decide on whether to disclose the information or material or not, usually after consultation with the family concerned.

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