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We have specialised in the development and maintenance of a historical photo archive, which includes more than one million photographs. The oldest dates back to 1884 and shows the environs of Monte Carlo.

The photographs in our collection are a testimony of the times and our cultural heritage. The images are primarily not yet published private photographs from all over the world – including many images of everyday life, happiness and experiences, but also of tragic moments. They are photographic treasures - private memories of events - and touch upon all the walks and themes of life.

Talking about photographic treasures: our collection also includes hundreds of glass negatives that have been taken by professional photographers from 1915 through 1935; and it includes a large number of images of mountain peaks, Alpine pastures, glaciers, valleys, farms, villages and towns – mainly Austrian, dating back to the same period of time.

No matter what topic you are looking for from Otto John to Bruno Kreisky, Simon Wiesenthal or National Socialism, lake Toplitz or the French Foreign Legion, material on flea markets or Saudi-Arabia, on artists, fashion or animals – our archive touches all themes of life – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Nobility Archive is of international value and includes video, audio, photo and text files of more than 2000 different families. Our database is regularly updated and expanded.

We also maintain an up-to-date photo archive in addition to our historical photograph service. Our clients include publishing houses, TV stations, business groups, public institutions (i.e universities.)




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